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Let's Eat: Top 5 Eats in Sydney

I really didn't want to write this post... because I really didn't want you all to ruin it for me and take up all the spots at these places. It's true - sorry not sorry.

But, I thought better of it. These 5 places are just TOO GOOD not to share. And why only share places? I've taken the liberty of writing my favorite dishes to get from each of the recommendations as well.

Seriously - can we eat yet?

  1. Coffee @ Single O

  2. Australian Honey and Sea Salt Cruller @ Short Stop Donuts

  3. Yuzu ramen @ Chaco Ramen

  4. Strawberry watermelon cake @ Black Star Pastry

  5. Dinner @ Fred's (Paddington)


Coffee @ Single O

How good is Single O's coffee? I've moved back to the U.S. for a year... and I still order my coffee from Single O and have it shipped to the U.S. Simple, unfussed over, really good cup of flat white. Or... if you're like me... you'll drink their iced latte all year round. So good, so good. You can do one of their single origins or their house blend (reservoir blend - the one I'm addicted to). Depending on which one of their outlets you go to - some have food service and you can get a sit-down brunch of avocado toast, grain bowl, or Single O BAE Roll (bacon, red eye mayo, fried egg, tomato & apple ketchup on a coffee & wattleseed bun).

Australian Honey and Sea Salt Cruller @ ShortStop Donuts

I dream about this donut. A Melbourne colleague introduced this to me. It was all the rage when they opened up their first Sydney outlet in Barangaroo. I had no idea why until I took my first bite... and wow, my life hasn't been the same since. It is light and crisp. Just the right amount of sweetness balanced with the right amount of saltiness. What a treat. Aside from the crueller, ShortStop has a variety of specialty donuts - triple matcha, blueberry cheesecake filled, maple walnut and brown butter. The question really isn't which one to get... it's how many can you eat.

Yuzu ramen @ Chaco Ramen

There are a LOT of ramen options in Sydney, and there's heavy debate over which one is the best. Regardless of your ultimate-ultimate choice... no conversation skips over Charco Ramen. It's really really good, and the line is really really long. When I went - this tiny restaurant was known as Charco Bar and ramen was only served during the day or on a particular night of the week. In other words... it took some serious planning to get a bowl. All worth it. There are 6 options and they're all good. There are 2 tonkotsu originals, ‘fat soy’ and the ‘fish salt’, and chili coriander that are staples. One more staple is my favorite - yuzu ramen. This is the most unique (in my opinion) - a yuzu and chicken-based broth with a scallop on top. It's not what you think about when you think about ramen, but you're not going to be able to stop thinking about this bowl of ramen after you've had it!

Strawberry watermelon cake @ Black Star Pastry

This dessert is probably one of the most instagrammed dessert in the world. What IG pictures don't tell you though... is that it's really really good. Who knew that watermelon belonged in a cake?! "The Strawberry Watermelon Cake was originally developed for a wedding - layered with almond dacquoise, rose-scented cream and watermelon, and topped with strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals; it was made to represent the flavours of romance. The combination of aromas and fresh ingredients evoke a range of emotions, turning each bite into a long-lasting memory." If you're not into watermelon, or strawberry, or cake... don't worry! Black Star Pastry has plenty of other really delicious baked goods!

Dinner @ Fred's (Paddington)

Fred's is my favorite place in Sydney. Done.

All kidding aside, you should know that I lived in Sydney for a while, and my very last meal was at Fred's (actually, I went to Fred's twice the last week I was in Sydney). Fred's is just... perfect. Really good food, beautiful country décor, with a great bar downstairs. It's farm to table that's warm and welcoming... with all the quality and service... without being overly fussy. The menu is always changing, and always delicious. Ask for recommendations, and follow it. Then treat yourself and ask for wine pairings. Make sure you save room for a night-cap downstairs (or you can do happy hour downstairs first and then have dinner at Fred's).

One last thing... if you get the chance to sit at the chef 's counter - do it!



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