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Somebody Feed Phil – Chiang Mai

Netflix: Season 1

This is Part 2 of the Bangkok episode, as Phil Rosenthal goes north to Chiang Mai to enjoy the more peaceful nature of a Buddhist temple and an elephant conservatory. Along the way, of course he also gets some of the best food that the "Rose of the North" has to offer. See the list of locations, restaurants, and attractions he visited on the show.


1. Khao Soi Kad Gorm

Phil stops by a non-descript shop in downtown Chiang Mai that serves the best khao soi in town. The bowl of egg noodles is served together with fresh, locally sourced meat in a broth that is simmered for 24 hours to create the creamiest coconut curry. It is then topped with some pickled mustard greens and crispy noodles to enhance the taste and texture.

Tasted: Chicken and beef Khao Soi



1. Wat Suan Dok

On Suthep Road, west of the Old City, Chiang Mai 50200

A royal temple built in the 14th century, it is now a Buddhist cemetary and also home to more than 100 monks who live there. Phil participates in "making merit" or an offering to the monks who pray for the people. He also learns the "waking meditation" and "walking meditation" to try to find some inner peace.

2. Elephant Nature Park

Phil visits Elephant Nature Park, which is about 60km outside of the city and provides a sanctuary for elephants. Phil participates in feeding the elephants, going to the river with them, and also participating in a mud bath.

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Dr. Rhonda Button
Dr. Rhonda Button
Aug 06, 2023

How does a person schedule to go to the elephant santuary ??

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