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About Us


Follow My Path to Find Your Journey

TripResa was created as a social platform for travelers to share, discover, and be inspired by new destinations around the world. We have four main objectives to help travelers achieve

Discover New Travel Destinations

Whether it is finding a new city, a new restaurant, or a new attraction, we aggregate itineraries and stories from travelers around the world. Browse through photos, recommendations, and reviews to gain inspiration for your next vacation.

Record and Share Your Trips

Publish itineraries of your trips as a journal of your experiences to look back on, or to share with friends, family, and other travelers around the world.

Plan Your Travel and Itineraries

The itinerary focus helps to ease the trip planning process and deciding what to do when visiting a new city. Follow one itinerary, or draw inspiration from multiple itineraries to map out your own unique travel plan. Future developments of the site will provide new tools to further facilitate the process.

Build Social Network

Meet new travelers or connect with old friends to see where they've traveled and the places they recommend. Reach out to a broader audience to ask questions or to engage in discussions.

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