Let's Eat: Top 5 Eats in San Francisco

There are plenty of good eats in San Francisco. There is such a diverse set of delicious options too... regardless of the cuisine... regardless if you're after the cheap hole in the wall or the Michelin star... there's something for everyone. With that said... everyone always has their favorites. And year after year, these remain my absolute favorites in San Francisco.

(1) Salt & Pepper Crab @ R&G Lounge

(2) Super Burrito @ Taqueria El Farolito

(3) Oysters @ Hog Island Oyster Co (Ferry Building)

(4) Roast Chicken @ Zuni Cafe

(5) Coconut Cream Pie / Morning Bun / Tres Leche Cake / Anything @ Tartine

Salt & Pepper Crab @ R&G Lounge

You can't visit San Francisco and not eat Chinese food or dungeness crab. So why not put those two together?! R&G Lounge is one of my favorites as well as many others' top choice. R&G Lounge in San Francisco is unanimously agreed upon as one of the top Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area. Even before Anthony Bourdain featured the crab dish in his San Francisco episode of "No Reservations," this was a popular place amongst locals (with lines out the door every day).

The salt and pepper crab here is a MUST. Deep fried with loads of fried garlic... the crab is tasty, juicy... and simply among the best crab dishes of ALL TIME! Don't stop at the crab though... try their R&G special beef (super tender and juicy beef with a slightly sweet glaze), roast squab (roasted to golden brown crispy skin, served with seasoning salt on the side), and steamed clam with beaten egg (silky steamed egg with clams). If you can't get reservations or want a more modern dining spot - head to Harborview. It's run by ex-members of the R&G Lounge crew, located inside Embarcadero 4, and has nice views of the Ferry building, Bay Bridge, and the Bay. The menu is pretty much the same, the dishes just as tasty... and the meal experience might actually be better!

Super Burrito @ Taqueria El Farolito

El Farolito is a classic SF experience... especially if you go with friends after a night of drinking in the Mission (I recommend The Beehive, Trick Dog, and ABV). But even if you just want a burrito for lunch or dinner... there's no better place than El Farolito. Here you can have the most perfect original Mission-style burrito. These burritos are HUGE. They are grilled to perfection with rice, beans, and meat. And you have to get it "super" - i.e., with avocado, sour cream, and cheese. Most people go with the carnitas or al pastor... I always get the shrimp and meat (with carne asada). One burrito is good enough to last you for a day... but if you want to go above and beyond... get the super nachos. You won't regret it! There are several Bay Area locations, but the Mission Street location is the favorite. Bring cash.

[credit: serious eats, mad meat genius]

Oysters at Hog Islands Oyster Co (Ferry Building)

If you don't like oysters, you should probably skip this section.

[credit: hog island]

Hog Island’s are the freshest, sweetest, most famous... basically the best oysters in San Francisco. Hog Island has a farm up in Tomales Bay, about two hours from SF (highly recommend visiting the farm as well if you have time... nothing like spending a day out in the sun, shucking oysters, having a picnic, and drinking wine)! They offer a variety of rare oysters (the Capitol are my favorite, but kumamotos are probably the most popular). If you prefer your oysters cooked - try their grilled oysters. The toppings and seasonings changes from time to time - the last time I went, it was bourbon, butter and bacon. How bad can that be?! I actually take back my earlier warning... even if you don't like oysters, this is worth a visit for the spectacular view - of the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and the Bay. There's an outdoor patio for nice days - although you can see the view just as clearly from the inside (given all the floor to ceiling windows). Try the grilled cheese or the clam chowder as well. You won't regret it.

Roast Chicken @ Zuni Cafe

Zuni Cafe has remained one of San Francisco’s most notable dining establishments. Since its birth in 1979, it has grown into the blueprint for a timeless Californian restaurant. Whether you enter the restaurant or walk by it on the street, you can’t help but notice the lengthy and gorgeous copper bar where you ca