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Off Menu – Copenhagen Itinerary

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Chef and writer Aida Mollenkamp visits Copenhagen, Denmark to explore the new Nordic culinary scene. From modern innovative takes on street food to fine dining, it's easy to see why Copenhagen has become one of the food capitals of the world. See the list of locations, restaurants, and attractions she visited on the show for the best of what to do in Copenhagen.

1. Papiroen

Aida's first stop is Papiroen, a food market that used to be a warehouse for paper storage. The area provides an indoors place for vendors to sell their food, and is reflective of the growing street food culture that is up and coming in Copenhagen. Aida visits the Polse stall, which focuses on the Danish hot dog and is run by twin brothers.

Note: Papiroen is now closed, and we would recommend heading to Reffen: Copenhagen Street Food (Tripadvisor), which is a similar outdoors space focused on street food, or alternatively, Torvehallerne (Tripadvisor), a food market that sells both produce and prepared foods.

Tasted: Nordic Hot Dog - Pork sausage, remoulade, horseradish cream, and pickled cabbage

2. Neighbourhood

The next stop is Neighbour, which focuses on creating "pizza 2.0", which is a more modern take on the traditional Italian pizza by being lighter, crispier, and using local, organic ingredients. Creativity is the key here, with toppings including a duck and a fish pizza.

Tasted: Duck pizza - with red cabbage and confit duck

Codfish pizza - with shiso leaf, shitake, and cheese

Fig & Ham pizza

3. Restaurant Kul

Housed in an old butcher shop, Restaurant Kul tests the imagination and the unexpected by combining Danish ingredients with Southeast Asian flair. A modern take on fine dining that focuses on cooking food over kul, the Danish word for charcoal.


Danish lobster salad - watermelon kimchi, macadamia nuts, tamarind vinaigrette and herbs

Asian pizza - with caramelized onion puree, lardo, and Rossini caviar

Veal spare rib Singaporean style - five spice glaze with spicy sesame and aubergine ketchup, grilled broccoli shoots, Thai basil, and burned garlic


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