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Off Menu – Dublin Itinerary

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Chef and writer Aida Mollenkamp visits Dublin, Ireland to explore the culinary culture there. Demystifying the belief that Irish cuisine is simply just a pint and pub food, she shows us how Irish fare has evolved with delicious modern takes on traditional comfort fare. See the list of locations, restaurants, and attractions she visited on the show for the best of what to do in Dublin.

1. Fishshop

Located in the former open market of Smithfield, Fishshop is a restaurant that sources local ingredients to provide the freshest seafood. Aida tries the classic fish sandwich, as well as the squid sandwich.

Tasted: Fish sandwich - Hake fried and topped with slaw made from fennel and granny smith apple on a bun

Squid sandwich - Fresh squid in a dressing of lemon zest, oil, and capers

2. The Pig's Ear

Aida's next stop takes her to The Pig's Ear, a restaurant which has received critical acclaim and has received the Michelin bib gourmand. It prides itself in serving homey, comfort food, but elevated with an Irish sensibility.

Tasted: Danish cured Irish salmon - with cucumber, apple, buttermilk, and trout caviar

Irish beef cheek and tongue - with marrow and mushroom mix

Shepperd's pie - braised leg of lamb with mint and diced vegetables - piped with mashed potatoes on top

3. Ha'penny Bridge Inn

No trip to Ireland is complete without visiting a traditional pub. Aida gets the true Irish experience at the Ha'Penny Bridge Inn, which is filled with live music and Irish hospitality. She also learns to pour a pint of Guinness from the tap.



4. Chapter One

Situated below the Dublin Writers' Museum, Chapter One is the epitome of refined Irish cuisine. The food focuses on Irish-based ingredients, but elevated with an elegance that gives it a modern flair.


Stuffed pig's tail - with double bay prawns, candied muster fruits, basil, and a salad of apple shallots and aslerik

Tomaloy smoked haddock - fresh Dublin bay prawns with smoked pork and seaweed stock - dressed with fermented horseradish, a buttermilk sauce, and some lindy pepper

Whitlow seek venison - with york cabbage, chard quince, salt baked parsnip, and a sauce of wild elderberries and chocolate

Goose sausage - with braised spiced cabbage, chestnut cream, chestnuts, topped with crunchy potatoes and thyme



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