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Places to Visit at Sun Moon Lake

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About Sun Moon Lake

It is the largest body of water in Nantou County, Taiwan. The lake surrounds a tiny island called Lalu. Eastside of the lake corresponds to the sun while the west side is the moon.

Where to Stay

Mei Jen House entrance

Mei Jen House is located at Zhongshan road, Sun Moon Lake. Walking distance to Shueishe Visitor Center Bus Station. The room is clean and has nice wall art. The host is friendly and hospitable.

Teddy bears at Mei Jen House

Getting around the lake

  • Rent a bicycle.

  • Ride ferry boat.

  • Ride a bus. (better get a one day pass to Round-the-lake bus). Click here for the timetable.

Places to Visit

Sheshui Pier

Sheshui Pier

Sheshui Pier is a nice area to visit in Sun Moon lake. You can have a nice view of the sunrise in this area if the weather is good. You can ride a ferry boat here going to Ita Thao Pier or Xuanguang Pier.

Xuanzang Temple

Xuanzang Temple Entrance Gate

Xuanzang Temple is a Buddhist temple located at Yuchi Township. The temple was built in 1965 in memory of Xuanzang, who made a seventeen-year overland journey to India during the Tang dynasty.

The bell tower at Xuanzang temple

Xuanzang Memorial Museum

Ita Thao Village

Ita Thao Visitor Center

Ita Thao is a small group of Taiwanese aborigines who live near the Sun Moon lake. Ita Thao means “we are the people”.

Ita Thao Pier

The attraction you will find in Ita Thao Village are the Visitor Center, Ita Thao Pier, lakeside trail, and the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway (cable car going to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village)

Food Stall at Ita Thao

Visiting Ita Thao is not complete without a food trip. Bubble tea drinks, rice cooked inside a bamboo, barbeque, and deer meat.

Nathaniel at Ita Thao Pier

Wenwu Temple

Wenwu Temple

The largest temple in the Sun Moon lake area. There are two temples before in the Sun Moon Lake area. When the Japanese colonial government built the Dam for hydroelectric the water level rises and the two temples are rebuilt in the location today of the temple.

Dragon statue at Wenwu Temple

Praying at Wenwu Temple

The temple consists of three halls. The first hall, located on the second floor of the front hall, is a shrine devoted to the First Ancestor Kaiji and the God of Literature. The central hall is devoted to Guan Gong, the God of War, and the warrior-God Yue Fei. The rear hall is dedicated to Confucius.

Wenwu Temple Rear Hall

Dragons are usually found in the wall carvings at the temple which represents power, prosperity, luck, and protection from evil.

Wenwu Temple (view from the backside)

The rooftop side of the temple where there is a platform overseeing the view of sun moon lake. Nice spot for Instagram. 🙂

The backside of the Wenwu Temple

Other things to do in Taiwan

  • Visit Eryanping Trail

  • Hiking Mount Yushan



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