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A Weekend in Seattle Itinerary: Part 2

With its cultural experiences, breathtaking natural views, and undying devotion to coffee, Seattle is a great place to visit for anybody. But if you happen to live on the west coast, Seattle is the perfect weekend escape. You can choose to pack your two day itinerary or you can choose to soak in the city's laid-back vibes and take a more relaxed approach to exploring the city.

After visiting some of the main attractions of Seattle on Day 1, here is Day 2 of my itinerary for a weekend in Seattle.

For Day 1: A Weekend in Seattle: Part 1

(1) Have your morning coffee at the original Starbucks

[Photo credit: Starbucks]

I have very little doubt that there's a Starbucks within a 5 minute drive from you (if not 5 min walk, as it is for me)... so you're probably wondering why is Starbucks a recommendation. In any other city... it would not be (except maybe Tokyo, since they do special drinks there)... but in the original city of Starbucks... you simply have to visit the very first store. The one that started it all. 1912 Pike place, located just outside the Pike Place Market, is the original Starbucks store. If it weren't for the long lines outside, you'd probably miss this 1,000 sq foot humble store that looks nothing like its 20,000 global siblings. "The store offers not just all the drinks on the company’s modern menu — from normal coffee and espresso to chai tea lattes and caramel Frappuccinos — but a sense of just how much the operation has changed over the decades" - The Guardian

(2) Catch a salmon at Pike Place Market

[Photo Credit: viator]

Any footage of Seattle includes the iconic salmon tossing at Pike Place Market. What you probably didn't see was all the other incredible things that one of the country’s oldest farmers markets has to offer. Pike Place Market is enormous - nine acres from Pike St. north to Virginia St. and from 1st Ave west to Western Ave... with its historic arcade, winding alleys, stairways and lower levels. There are musicians, local crafts... and all the seasonal foods, brews, and baked goods. Trust me... you can easily make a meal out of buying random snacks here and there around the market. There's also the new Market Front Pavilion. The $74 million expansion project provides a public plaza with views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, table space for farmers, craftspeople, and artisan purveyors, retail space, low-income housing, a neighborhood center and parking.

Oh and definitely make sure you catch the salmon tossing. The famed flying-fish ritual began as a way for the fish monger to save steps from walking back and forth to weigh the fish, cut and package it, and then walk back to hand it to the customer.

[Photo Credit: Seattle Times, NYTimes]

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(3 & 4) Lunch at Café Campagne or Pike Place Chowder or both

After a morning navigating the crowd and exploring the market, it's time for a nice r