Simple Guidance For You in Mount Yushan

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About Mount Yushan

Mount Yushan or Jade Mountain is the highest mountain in Taiwan. It consists of five main peaks: the main peak (3952 masl), eastern peak (3869 masl), northern peak (3858 masl), southern peak (3844 masl), and western peak (3467 masl).

Views of the trail in Mount Yushan

One of the famous mountains in Taiwan for the locals and foreign hikers. Before getting an entry permit you must secure your slot at the Paiyun Lodge. The lottery draw is used by the management to secure slots. Draw results were announced 1 month before the date of the hike.

Views of the trail in Mount Yushan

Why I try to hike solo this mountain?

I want to travel back to Taiwan to visit other places I didn’t visit before when I’m working as an ex-pat. Two mountains (Mt. Pulag & Mt. Daraitan) I hiked before I have decided to hike Mount Yushan. The good news is that it is visa-free (Taiwan) and I successfully secure my slot in Paiyun Lodge.

Group pictorial

Planning ahead

Booked my plane ticket in advance. Search for a route that will take me to the Dongpu Lodge before the day of my hike. I even save the time table of some buses and HSR (high-speed rail) to help in my trip.

Day 1: Going to Dongfu Lodge

I arrived at the Taoyuan International Airport early in the morning. Bought 4G sim and Easycard (for bus payment). Waited till the operation of the bus started.


My long route: