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Somebody Feed Phil – Hawaii (Big Island) Itinerary

Netflix: Season 4

Phil Rosenthal's next stop after Honolulu is to visit the Big Island of Hawaii. Here, he immerses himself in nature and tries ziplining and visits a sheep farm. See the episode recap of the list of locations, restaurants, and attractions he visited on the show for the best of what to do in Hawaii.


1. GJ's Huli Huli Chicken

Phil visits the Big Island with his son Ben, and goes to a barbeque spot in an open-air parking lot on the side of the road. The spot specializes in rotisserie, or huli, which means "turn" in Hawaii.


Pork Ribs


Macaroni Salad

Deep Fried Banana Egg Roll

2. Feeding Leaf

This small local restaurant specializes in okazu, which is the Japanese word meaning food with rice or side dish. The food consists of traditional homey dishes like meats and fish that are filled with umami.


Chicken Skin Musubi - Fried chicken skin on top of rice mixed with plum powder

Chicken and Waffle - Mixed with seaweed and sesame seed in the waffle, while the chicken is marinated in Korean sauce, and everything is topped with a chili pepper honey syrup

Nishime - Japanese pot stew with a recipe that's over 100 years old

Uala Kalo Poi - Creamy paste of mashed taro stalks and sweet potato - to be eaten with two fingers



1. Kohala Zipline

Phil goes on an outdoor adventure, and tries out ziplining amongst the trees and crossing a bridge of planks. It is an amazing way to be immersed in the nature of Hawaii.

2. Kahua Ranch

Phil ends his trip by visiting a sheep farm at the top of the mountains. He tries the lamb cooked over an open fire, or also known as schswenker.


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