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Somebody Feed Phil – San Francisco Itinerary

Netflix: Season 4

Phil Rosenthal visits San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Amidst the backdrop of the sparkling bay and the expansive span of the Golden Gate Bridge, Phil tries out the best food that the city has to offer in this melting pot of a city. From Mexican tortas to French summer peas with lavender mint, the range and depth of cuisines in SF is nothing short of spectacular. See the episode recap of the list of locations, restaurants, and attractions he visited on the show for the best of what to do in San Francisco.


1. Tartine Bakery

Phil begins his trip at Tartine Bakery, which is one of the top bakeries in the nation. He enjoys a variety of pastries, including his favorite, the chocolate croissant.


Chocolate Croissant

Bread Pudding topped with Caramel Strawberry

Chocolate Eclair

2. Dynamo Donuts

Phil continues his tour of the the Mission district in San Francisco by stopping at Dynamo Donuts, one of the best in the neighborhood with a huge assortment of selection.


Maple Bacon Donut

3. La Torta Gorda

The next stop is to try the famed Mexican food of the Mission district. The owner of the shop brings his cuisine from his home of Puebla, Mexico. The shop has been in SF since the 2000s and serves mouth-watering tortas filled with meats and cheese.


Torta - with pulled pork, milanesa, chorizo, turkey, ham, refried beans, avocado, onions, queso fresco, and American cheese

4. Swan Oyster Depot

An SF institution that is over a hundred years old, Swan Oyster is a tiny restaurant serving only the freshest seafood at the counter.


6 different oysters on the half shell

Dungeness crab salad

Crab legs

Sicilian sashimi - Ahi, halibut, hamachi, salmon, scallops, sardine

Smoked salmon on toast

5. Bob's Donuts

Phil gets distracted along the way and makes an unexpected stop at one of the best donut places in the city. He gets some takeout and enjoys an after-lunch dessert.


Apple Fritter

Chocolate Donut

6. Petit Crenn

Dominique Crenn is the only female chef in the United States with 3 Michelin stars, and Phil visits her more casual restaurant which focuses on the seafood and vegetables that she grew up with in France.


Tasting Menu

Comte Cheese Gougere with pickled shallot gel

Uni custard from Santa Barbara

Tomato with basil, buckwheat crisp

Summer Peas with lavender mint, lobster mushroom

7. Boulettes Larder

Phil meets up with Alice Waters, who started the farm-to-table movement and Californian cuisine. They have breakfast at the Ferry Building, a historic landmark in San Francisco dedicated to food stalls and restaurants.


Fruits salad with melons and figs

Local sardines

Scrambled eggs with buffalo stracciatella cheese and a Titone olive oil, herbs, and wilted summer squash

8. Brown Sugar Kitchen

Phil and Alice make a stop to try out some incredible chicken and waffles at the Ferry Building.


Chicken with waffle



1. Cable Car

A trip to San Francisco isn't complete without a ride on the legendary cable cars. Originally designed to help traverse the hilly slopes of SF, they are now a tourist must-do that gives the best experience of the city streets.

2. Boat Ride in the San Francisco Bay

Phil enjoys a wonderful boat trip in the San Francisco Bay with some good friends and foods. He had actually battled food poisoning the night before, but still managed to make the trip.

3. Golden Gate Park

San Francisco is more than just an urban city of concrete and skyscrapers. It is also home to Golden Gate Park, which is even bigger than Central Park in New York. Phil stops by the Conservatory of Flowers as well as feeds the birds around Stow Lake.

4. Ferry Building

After his sit-down meal with Alice Waters, Phil goes to farmer's market right outside the Ferry Building to visit the various farmers and stalls. He tries the fresh vegetables and fruits like peaches, and also gets a second and third breakfast of some tacos and a porchetta sandwich.

5. Family House

Created by oncologist, the Family House is a place for families to stay in the city while their kids are receiving treatment for cancer or other illnesses in the hospital. Phil is there with many SF chefs to spend a day with the kids there making pizza.


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