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Somebody Feed Phil – Singapore Itinerary

Netflix: Season 4

Phil Rosenthal visits Singapore, also known as the Lion City, to explore the multi-cultural influences that come together in this vibrant urban city. He tries out traditional Peranakan dishes, and of course visits the many hawker centres which are at the heart of Singapore's culinary culture. See the list of locations, restaurants, and attractions he visited on the show for the best of what to do in Singapore.


1. Tiong Bahru Hawker Stalls

3 Seng Poh Road Green World #01-01, Singapore


No trip to Singapore is complete without visiting the legendary hawker centres of the city-state. These cheap, local, and amazingly delicious food courts are the true epitome of the multi-culture of Singapore with its mix of influences of Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, and other cuisines. Phil starts his trip at the Tiong Bahru Hawker Stalls to try a variety of local treats.

Tasted: (Tiong Bahru Duck stall) - Duck rice cooked in stock and soy sauce

Sugarcane juice

(Jian Bo Shui Kueh stall) - Shui kueh or steamed rice cakes with preserved radish

Soy sauce tofu puff - reflecting Chinese cuisine

Curry - Malay and Indian influences

Tomato pork chops - British touches

2. Candlenut

Block 17A Dempsey Road, Singapore


Peranakan means "born here", and it is the indigenous cuisine of Singapore. Peranakan food has a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian influences and is served as small dishes, placed all on the table at the same time. The traditional name for this type of serving is "tok panjang" which means "long table." Phil stops by Candlenut, which is the 1st Peranakan restaurant to garner a Michelin star.

Tasted: Indonesian Salad marinated in torch ginger flower, lime, and chili

Chicken Curry

Buah Keluak - black nut from a tree, which is boiled and buried for 40 days to remove the poison

3. Long Bar in Raffles Hotel

1 Beach Road, Singapore


Situated in the Raffles Hotel, which is one of the oldest and most glamourous British colonial era hotels, the Long Bar is the home of the original Singapore Sling cocktail. Patrons drink along the colonial-influenced bar and the tradition is to eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor.


Singapore Sling - pineapple and lime juice, cherry liqueur, curacao, grenadine, gin