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The Reason Why Everyone Loves Eryanping Trail

By: Nathaniel Amoyen See the original post at:

About Eryanping Trail

Eryanping Trail is one of the popular tourist spots near Alishan. You will be amazed to see the sunrise or sunset in this area if the weather is nice. The trail passes through bamboo groves and a tea plantation area.

After a long hike at Mount Yushan, I decided to visit the Eryanping trail before heading to Sun Moon lake.

Aerial view of the tea plantation in Eryanping Trail

Where to stay

I searched for a homestay/inn which was near the trail and found the 53 Backpacker Inn for the budget travelers. If you prefer a much nicer homestay, you can go to 53.1 Homestay which is on the opposite side of 53 Backpacker Inn.

53 Backpacker Inn

The host of the homestay was hospitable. They were nice and friendly. The room was neat and clean. Breakfast was good. The tea appreciation session with the host was great.

How to get there

  • From Alishan Bus Station, ride Bus 7322 or 7329 bound to Chiayi. Inform the driver to drop you at the Anding bus stop.

  • From HSR Chiayi Station, ride Bus 7329 bound to Alishan and drop at the Anding bus stop. Click here for the timetable & fare.

  • From TRA Chiayi Station, ride Bus 7322 bound to Alishan and drop at the Anding bus stop. Click here for the timetable & fare.

The Trail

I woke up early and headed to the trail to see the sunrise. It looks like a scene in a suspense movie walking alone on this trail in the foggy and cold morning.

The pathways or stairways are visible. Just be careful in walking it was slippery in some areas when wet. Bamboo groves are present in the first part of the trail.

The extended part of the trail was made of wooden stairs.

Total of two viewing deck pavilion in the trail. Maps are present in the trails and pathways.

This area of the trail resembles lots of Christmas trees. I wish there is snow here. ^_^

Tea plantation at Eryanping Trail

The cold weather was suitable for tea plants. Lots of tea plantations can be found in these mountain areas.

Close up view of tea plantation

Shooting close up at the tea plantation. Still misty when I took photos here.

Weather in the mountain was hard to predict. Always bring raincoat/jacket in case it rains especially if lots of fogs.

View from the Viewing Deck at Eryanping Trail

I’m not lucky to catch the sunrise at the trail but the views are amazing.

Other tips:

  • No entrance fee.

  • Good area for shooting at sunrise or sunset if the weather is fine.

  • Nice for a short trek.

  • Recommended for all ages.

  • Lots of photo spots for your Instagram.

Contact info for 53 Backpackers Inn:

  • email:

  • whats app: +886978365833 (Lily)



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