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The Real Adventure of Desert Safari

By: Nathaniel Amoyen See the original post at:

What is Desert Safari?

Desert Safari is the most common adventure tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates. You usually ride four-by-four vehicles which drive through the desert which is called sand dune bashing and go to a campsite where you’ll have a live entertainer while eating dinner.

Nathaniel at quad bike rental

Our desert safari adventure

We want to experience the desert safari experience in the United Arab Emirates. So we booked for an evening desert safari. Below are the inclusion in our tour;

  • The Land cruise will drop and pick up in the hotel in Dubai.

  • Buffet Dinner with Arabic Foods, the refreshment also is free, such as soft drinks and bottled waters.

  • Camel riding, a free henna tattoo that you can put in the feet and hand.

  • OPTIONAL: You can also choose from the different designs of henna painting which have a free.

  • Wear the Traditional Arabic Dress for gents and ladies.

  • Live entertainment at the desert camp.

quad bike

The first stop of the tour is at the quad bike rental area. Where you can rent a four-wheel vehicle to try driving in the desert. Approximately you can stay here for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Joanna and Nathaniel inside the 4×4 vehicle

Then next will be the exciting and heart-pumping experience of dune bashing. Your vehicle will drive through the sand dunes in the desert. It is like a roller coaster ride. Check our video below. 🙂

tips: wear your seat belt for safety

After the dune bashing experience, the tour operator drops us at our designated desert camp. Nathaniel and Joanna really enjoyed the desert because of the mesmerizing sunset and ambiance with the Golden Sands of Dubai.

Besides our camp, you can have a close encounter with the camel and try to ride on for free.

Joanna with henna tattoo

You can get the free henna tattoo inside the camp. You can request for other design which have a small fee.

The dinner style inside the camp is a buffet dinner. The food is delicious. While eating you will be entertained by the live performance of the dancers. The first performance will be by the beautiful belly dancer, followed by the traditional Tanura dance and lastly by the fire dancer.

Belly dance is an expressionist type dance that focuses on the movement of the torso which originated in Egypt.

Tanoura dance is an Egyptian folk dance using a colorful weighted skirt. Usually, the dancer spins until the end of the music. 🙂

Fire dancer skills are fire eating, fire dancing and fire breathing.

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