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Somebody Feed Phil – Modena Itinerary

Netflix: Season 2

Phil Rosenthal continues his trip from Venice to Modena, where he tries aged balsamic vinegar and meets with Massimo Bottura of the famed Osteria Francescana.

For Part 1: Somebody Feed Phil: Venice


1. La Consorteria 1966

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini 9

41121 Modena

A small shop specializing in balsamic vinegar with an extremely knowledgeable staff on all things related, and also with tastings.

Tasted: 12 and 25-year old balsamic vinegar

Gelato with cherrywood vinegar

2. Bar Tiffany

Via Canalino 58

41121 Modena

Small sidewalk cafe serving the gnocco fritto, which is a lightly fried puffy dough to be dipped into the cappuccino or used as a sandwich. Fried in strutto, or pig's lard, this is a specialty of Modena.

Tasted: Cappuccino

Gnocco fritto

Gnocco with mortadella, salami, and prosciutto

3. Osteria Francescana

Via Stella 22

41121 Modena

The no.1 ranked restaurant in the world in 2016 and 2018 according to the San Pelligrino's World's 50 Best Restaurant list, Phil spends time with Massimo Bottura for the day and heads to the restaurant's kitchen to try their signature dishes.

Tasted: Tasting menu, including:

Parmigiano reggiano transformed into 5 different expressions - souffle, foam, sauce, air, and cracker